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Business Networking is FINALLY defined. Do you ever ask yourself, "Am I really networking correctly?" You have met numerous contacts and your successes have not been up to your standard. Or are you an experienced networker that wants to build a powerful network but are limited by your current contacts. If you ask anyone, "What is Networking?" their reponses will be specific to how they go about making contacts, yet are generally vague on how they actually execute on the building of their network. If a person can visualize their network then they can optimize it by adding valuable contributors and removing leeching opportunists.

The Path from Opportunities to Solutions

The great news for you is that I have done just that. Not only do I have a deep understanding of everyones roles, but I can map my network. Having a Network Map takes you beyond your social circle. When an opportunity is requested, it'll get to the right person with the solution in the least amount of jumps.

True Networking Training Class

For the FIRST TIME ever, I am offering a course in Human to Human (H2H) Business Networking. Topics that will be covered:

  • Marketing Yourself Defined in a Networking Context
  • Executing on Marketing
  • Discover Where the Term Networking Comes From
  • Visualize Contacts
  • Identifying Your Current Network
  • Moving Through the Network
  • Power Networking
  • Applications to Your Industry

The True Networking Training Class is a 4 hour course that ranges from defining concepts and ideas to providing tools to execute on the knowledge. Finally we'll take the tools and show examples of the tool working on different industry types.
*** Special Strategy Lesson for Networking Events!!! ***

It's all about Networking, Networking, Networking!


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Nam Huynh, Founder



A True Network was founded based on the demand for people to network better in an increasing competitive market. It teaches to network with a strategic purpose.

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